Sunday workshops


9:30-11:00: Literature #8: Transgressing Concepts of Sea and Humans
Location: GW2 B2880, Chair: Timo Müller
  • Arnab Kumar Sinha, University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India: “Mapping the Relationship between the Seas and the Humans: The Symbolic Sea in Mallika Krishnamurthy’s Six Yards of Silk
  • Geoff Rodoreda, University of Stuttgart, Germany: “The Seas of Carpentaria” 
  • Murat Sezi, University of Kassel, Germany: “Center, Periphery, Colony: Spaces of Knowledge in China Miéville’s The Scar
9:30-11:00: Literature #9: Turbulent Waters 
Location: GW2 B2890, Chair: Dorothea Fischer-Hornung
  • Jolene Mathieson, University of Hamburg, Germany: “Lucretian Slime, (Post-) Colonial Fluid Parcels and Subalterity in Science Fictions of the Deep Sea” 
  • Karsten Levihn-Kutzler, University of Oldenburg, Germany: “Bathtubs and Hungry Tides: Flood Fiction, Littoral Communities and the Politics of Environmental Precariousness” 
  • Nicole Poppenhagen, Europa-Universität Flensburg and Jens Temmen, University of Potsdam, Germany: “Across Pacific and Atlantic Currents: Navigating the Turbulent Oceans in American Studies” 
9:30-11:00: Media & Film #2
Location: GW2 B3770, Chair: Elena Furlanetto
  • Nanna Heidenreich, IFS international film school cologne: “‘Hunting the Key to the World's Climate’. On Rising and Falling Sea Levels and its Narrative Media Formats” 
  • Moira Hille, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria: “Ghost Ship – Ghostly Aesthetics, Border Regimes and Politics of Place” 
9:30-11:00: Fluid Ethnologies
Location: GW2 B3010, Chair: Michi Knecht
  • Stefanie Kiwi Menrath, University of Hildesheim and Kiran Kumar, Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences, Germany: “What Place is This? Islands and Imaginary Ethnography” 
  • Carsten Wergin, Heidelberg University: “Thinking Through the Seas and Oceans. Towards Transculturality Beyond the Human”
9:30-11:00: Oceans and Migration
Location: GW2 B2900, Chair: Sourav Kumar Nag
  • Bruno Arich-Gerz, University of Wuppertal, Germany: “In the Penal Colonies. On Insular Detention Past and Present” 
  • Ursula Kluwick, University of Bern, Switzerland: “The Postcolonial Mediterranean”